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Complete Guide to Obtaining Australian Citizenship

Australian Citizenship Complete Guide
Thousands of people land in Australia every year to become a naturalised citizen. The Citizenship Certificate marks the final stage of the Australian naturalisation and citizenship process and serves as official proof that you are an official citizen of Australia. Before applicants receive t

Australian citizenship ceremonies will be held on Australia Day despite opposition

Australian citizenship passport and flag
There has been a growing movement over the years to change the highly contentious date of Australia Day. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders consider the date ‘Invasion Day’ as it marks the first-day British fleets arrived in Sydney Harbor and started colonizing Australia, resulting in fi

Official Audit reveals an unprecedented spike in demand for Australian Citizenship

Australian citizenship spike
After concerns raised by the commonwealth ombudsman and members of parliament about the duration of the citizenship application process, the government conducted an audit into Peter Dutton's Home Affairs department. The audit found that the impact of failed reforms, the increase in the number of

Australian citizenship applications: expanding wait times and dramatically reduced number of approvals

Australian citizenship passport
Lower number of Australian citizenships granted Only 54,419 Australian citizenship applications were approved during the first 8 months of the Department of Home Affairs’ fiscal year 2017-2018; compared to 139,750 in 2016-17. The lower numbers are due to the Department of Home Affairs’ freez

New Australian citizenship requirements 2018: important updates

Australian citizenship passport
On 20 April 2017, Malcolm Turnbull's government announced its will to strengthen the requirements for applying for Australian citizenship. The new proposed requirements would make Australian citizenship much harder to get. The new proposed requirements were presented to Parliament on 15 June 2017

Afghan refugees are suing government after passing the Australian citizenship test

Australian citizenship test flag
Two Afghan refugees, who have been given asylum in Australia, have filed a legal claim against the Australian government for the long delay in their Australian citizenship process after they passed their Australian citizenship test. The two men belong to the Hazara ethnic minority, which is being

ISIS jihadists can now be stripped of their Australian citizenship

Australian citizenship passport
Senators voted on a new law allowing the Australian government to strip anyone suspected of terrorist-related conduct of their Australian citizenship. This new law reflects Australia’s tough position on terrorism in response to the growing ISIS threat to the western world. Over the past year,

What does Australian Citizenship mean to you?

Australian citizenship
It’s amazing how such a simple question, "what does Australian Citizenship mean to you?", can trigger such a huge response from people. It is a loaded question actually. People who have immigrated to Australia from different countries have a lot to say about Australian citizenship. There are many