Complete Online Training Program – updated for new test (effective 15 Nov 2020)
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New Updated Online Practice Tests 2024 – complete online training. Easily pass your Australian Citizenship Test!
570 test questions – interactive training to help you learn the entire testable section of the new test resource booklet Our Common Bond (15 Nov 2020 version)
Easy, instant and unlimited online access for one year – right after purchase, you will be emailed your password
Unlimited Chapter Tests – engaging and effective way to learn the content of each chapter
Unlimited Simulation Tests – will familiarise you with the new updated official test (15 Nov 2020 version), same look and format
Starred Questions – star a question that you find challenging and create your own Starred Questions Tests new
Mobile device optimised – practice on your phone and all mobile devices. Our customers love it!
Includes all the text of the new test booklet (15 Nov 2020 version) – the wording of the official government booklet Our Common Bond is included by separate chapters
Includes the audio of the new booklet (15 Nov 2020 version) – conveniently learn while listening to the chapters on your smartphone or MP3 player
Multi-device ready – designed to be used on all iPads, tablets, laptops and desktop computers
Timeline – assists you in memorising all the significant dates from the resource book
Test History – view your progress with your individualised Test History
Comprehensive review of your exam results with a link to the test booklet page
Translation tool provided in 63 languages – understand the whole test vocabulary
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Dependable customer service – we answer all inquiries
Money-back guarantee – pass your test, or you will receive a refund*

$39 – Complete Online Training Program

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Why is our training service No.1 in Australia?

  • We have helped tens of thousands of people pass their Australian Citizenship Test.
  • We continually utilise our customers’ feedback to further optimise our training program.
  • Our simulation tests replicate exactly the look and the format of the new updated official computer-based citizenship Standard Test (15 Nov 2020 version).
  • It is designed to help people easily prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test.
  • Attentively crafted to precisely reflect the complete testable section of the new test booklet Our Common Bond (15 Nov 2020 version).
  • 100% money-back guarantee. If you fail your actual test, we will refund your purchase.

Why is it essential to prepare for your official test?

All citizenship applicants who sit the test on or after 15 November 2020 will take a new updated Australian citizenship test.

  Changes to the citizenship test include:
  • A new test resource booklet Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond with a lot more information to remember.
  • New revised questions.
  • New questions on Australian Values (Part 4 of our Australian Citizenship Our Common Bond).
All 5 questions on Australian values must be answered correctly, with a passing mark of at least 75 per cent overall, making it harder to pass the new test.
You must pass the test to become an Australian citizen. You will not be able to refer to the test booklet during your test. We recommend using our Australian citizenship practice test program if:
  • You want to pass the test on the first attempt.
  • You want to become familiar with the official test format.
  • You learn better in a guided, structured and supportive setting.

How do our practice tests function?

  • Our simulation tests have the same format and look as the new official test.
  • We present you with your score by chapter as well as your overall score.
  • Our program derives questions from the entire testable portion of the new test resource booklet Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond (Nov15 2020 version).
  • All of the questions and answers are meticulously designed to assist you in remembering the new test booklet information.
  • You will become adept at selecting the correct answer from other similar responses, just like in the new official exam.
  • You receive a personalised and comprehensive display of your right and wrong answers with a reference to the test booklet page where you can locate the correct answer and its full explanation.
  • You have access to a unique test history to follow your performance and overall success.