Australian Citizenship Test Information

New Australian citizenship requirements: major changes make will make it more difficult to become an Australian

The government wants to implement new and tougher Australian citizenship requirements. These reforms were presented in Bill 2017 and were defeated in the Senate. However, the Government has been working on a revised version, but t [...]

New Australian Citizenship Test – A complete guide to what to expect at the test

The Australian citizenship test is one of the requirements for becoming an Australian citizen. The test will assess your knowledge of Australia (its people, traditions, geography, symbols, beliefs and values, government and law [...]

Australian Citizenship Test - What is it all about?

An Australian citizenship test was introduced for the first time on 1 October 2007 by the Australian government. This means that people need to pass this test before applying for citizenship.This test  assesses whether citizenship ap [...]

Australian citizenship test: how to prepare for it?

Study material of the Australian citizenship test The official government resource book for the Australian citizenship test is called Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. You only need to memorize the testable section of this [...]

Australian Citizenship Test - Understand the process

Criteria for taking the Australian citizenship test In order to take the Australia citizenship test, you must be a permanent resident of Australia and you must have applied for Australian citizenship. This test is part of your citi [...]

Australian Citizenship - Benefits

Applying for Australian citizenship can be a daunting process, but the benefits of being an Australian citizen are numerous. Australia is a peaceful, stable and prosperous country, and becoming a citizen gives you a lot of rewards. [...]

Disclaimer: these articles are for general guidance only and are not legal advices. Always check with Department of Immigration and Border Protection for the latest information.

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