Australian Citizenship Test – Understand the process

Australian citizenship test
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  1. evariste says:

    I’ven’t comment

  2. evariste says:

    I need to practice citizenship test

  3. Katerina says:


  4. Carol says:

    I have benefited greatly from this material as the practice test on the immigration webpage does not cover even a 1/3 of the possible questions, I am ready to sit the test any day
    thank you for your great website

  5. Nestor says:

    I’ve been in Oz since 1977 and arrived with parents when I was 8 y.o.
    I am as true blue as they come and about time I sat for my test and got my citizenship.
    I will need all the help I can get so I pass with flying Green and Gold colours.
    Thank you for the website.

  6. Rowena cano says:

    I just want to ask if there a eilts exam for australian citizenship test.

  7. Hoa Vinh says:

    I need practice test to become Australia Citizen. thanks

  8. Hoa Vinh says:

    i need Citizentship test

  9. Lens says:

    Just passed my test! I got 100%. Thank you for materials,(all questions were from chapter tests).

  10. Sarin says:

    Hi there, After you lodged the application online. Will you receive the citizenship test appointment straight away? or you will need to wait for a couple of months for receiving the citizenship test appointment from the department of Immigration ?
    Many thanks

  11. Az says:

    I did the test at January this year. Still have not received the confirmation letter.

  12. MALIK MAJAK says:

    I pass test can I get my certificate

  13. I would like to say thank you for the government of Australian for raise the citizen of the special country; I hope the government of Australia will give me the chance of studying and to be a citizen the rules and law must be followed

  14. Iam an orphan please help me I thank the Australian government and authority for giving other countries access to their country

  15. Ehtisham Mazhar says:

    Please help me Australian government give me the chance of study and i neend citizentship test please

  16. Ayanle Farah says:

    I really got the exam and worked hard, and i passed the exam of Australia sitizenship. I hope i will be one of the sustralian sitizenships, finally i am saying thanks for the government of Australi for giving me a chance to participate with the test.

  17. Shafiq ur rahman says:

    I want go to Australia

  18. Fartuun says:
    My full name fartun mohamed hassan
    I wish accepted

  19. Yasir dahir ali says:

    I will hope

  20. Shoukat irshad says:

    GG has passed the Australian Stage Test and I am sure that I will now be given a station. Thank you very much to the Australian Government.

  21. Shaukat khan says:

    I am sure i will pass this test i need just one chance for compllete this target

  22. Mouayad Almahamid says:

    Thanks for helping us

  23. It is very good system to learn the citizenship answer thank you

  24. Thank you for your system of the answer and the question. It gives to our a big support

  25. Thank you for your system of the answers and the questions. It gives to our a big support.The program helps the community to make easy for understanding the laws, the rules, and the values of Australia. And l’m sure that l will pass the test successfully because l’m training thr questions by this system . Big thank you .

  26. Thank you so much for this great support for training and preparing the questions to learn the rules, the laws, and the values of Astralia. It wouldn’t have possible without your program. I highly recommend your website to all future citizen l know of.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sosseh!
      Thank you for the lovely review! Congratulations on passing your test!
      We wish you all the best!

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