Free Chapter Test

The official new test booklet Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond, has four testable chapters (called Parts in the booklet) that contain many dates and facts. As stated by the Australian government, you may be quizzed on any part of these chapters, so it is essential to learn all of them. In addition, all 5 questions on chapter 4 Australian Values must be answered correctly to pass the test.

From our customers’ feedback, we know that the ideal way to learn by heart the test booklet information is one chapter at a time. So, we offer in our online training what we refer to as “Chapter Tests.” A Chapter Test is much like the actual Australian Citizenship Test, but specific to a chapter.

Read the chapter a few times, then follow by taking the corresponding Chapter Tests as much as you require until you achieve excellent test scores. Repeat this process for the following chapters.

Here we offer you for free one of our Chapter Tests. Our Complete Online Training Program will help you master all the chapters at your own pace. You will receive complete exam scores, detailed explanations and your Chapter Tests stats progress.

This Free Chapter Test allows you to try 20 questions from Chapter 1 Australia and its people of the new official booklet.

Free Simulation Test

Our Simulation Tests reproduce the presentation of the real official Australian Citizenship Test. Questions are picked from all chapters (with 5 mandatory questions from Chapter 4 Australian Values) and are on a timer.

Here we present you for free one of our Simulation Tests. Our Complete Online Training Program includes unlimited Simulation Tests, with your test scores, comprehensive explanations, and Simulation Tests stats reporting.

This is a simulation of the new updated Australian Citizenship Test. Same format as the official test.