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  1. mosazgi says:

    i have great hope that one day i will have the chance to be an Australian citizen.That is the reason why i am searching information about it.As i expected,i got Australia that it is a peaceful country.May God bless the country with its people.

  2. Rahul Gautam says:

    I am very proud to be part of Australia after taking citizenship. This is land of opportunity ,equality and peace. A land full of colours, life and making dreams to reality. This country have given me a lot and I will be lucky if I can give something to this great nation. I want to say again this is a lucky country and I feel very special to be part of it.Long live Australia and its people.

  3. Geoffrey Gardiner says:

    Hi I would like to become an Australian citizen on Australia Day .I came here from England in 1969 with my parents I was aged 3 yrs.can you please advise me where to start.Im married to an Aussie woman and have 2 children both born here.thanks

  4. Raewyn Dowd says:

    Can I become an Australian Citizen I came here in 1992 from N.Z.
    Qualify for everything in Australia.
    But cannot vote and want to

    Please advise me
    born in 1952
    Live in Logan Kingston

  5. Lenva says:

    I have lived in Australia for 34 years, I was born in New Zealand, I have voted in Australia for 30 years I think it is about time I became a Australian citizen, how do I go about getting the papers.

  6. Ahmed says:

    Are there any countries an Australian Citizen/PR can go and work without visa (except NZ)..

  7. Nick says:

    Hi If i choose to become an Aust Citizen, will my children be Aust Citizen, or does it depend on where they born? Thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      No, they won’t. They will be able to live in Australia but they still have the citizenship of the country you were born in.

  8. muzta says:

    hi my name muzta I lived in Germany I like Australia but I am under 18 year I need to live in Australia that is my hope

  9. Ankita says:

    Hi my name is Ankita…..its been my dream to work in Australia…. Is there any way I can apply for work visa and get a citizenship later

  10. Immaculate Refuerzo says:

    Hi! I am a naturalized American Citizen (as a baby) and am Filipino by descent. My husband is also a naturalized American with same descent. My children have all been born in the US. My children present ages are 14,12, 10 and 9 y.o. My husband and I are presently thinking about immigrating to Australia when my kids are ready for the university. The US is not an ideal place for families anymore and I am deeply disappointed with the violence, the way of life and the economy. I am encouraging my kids to eventually live and work in Australia(my husband has family in Sydney). We will immigrate with our children as well until we retire. What would our options be in which to avail of our kids going to the University there? Do we have to be a resident there for at least a year? Thank you!

  11. bobbyjo says:

    can yous please send me some information about civis and citzenships for my project thanks that would be helpful

  12. mohamad jalloul says:

    my son adnan 18 years born outside australia he holds australian passport and citizenship by descent because of the repeated warnings of the australian government of the risky situation and the continuous conflict in lebanon and the area at large he left to australia after applying to UTS and already accepted and started college in information technology his gpa is 3.58 when he went to apply for youth allowance at centerlink they informed him HE IS NOT ILLEGIBLE since we cannot afford his living expenses we kindly ask you to advise us what to do so that he can get centerlink assistance so as not to be forced to return to the middle east i.e lebanon

  13. Ricky says:

    I am an australian citizen. But i am back to my home land because I was attacked by the White racist thug and the police did not do anything to find the accused. I tried everywhere but no one helped me then my parents asked me to come back so I am back and happy.

  14. nerrisa says:

    Hi, im a widow of an australian citizen and we have 2 minor kids both australian citizen by descent and we r living here in the Philippines, ,, my question is that, are the kids can get any benefits from the australian government?

    • admin says:

      You might have to live in Australia to be able to get any benefits. Please ask the Australian government for a definite answer. Good luck!

  15. nancy says:

    On my way to get the citizenship ive been living in this beautiful country for six years now and i must say there is nothing not to love .australia is giving us so much that our country cant .Other than benefits and voting you get to live in a peaceful country a country who respects its people and treat them all equally .im so lucky love you audtralia………

  16. Cesar SOTO says:

    Voting is not a benefit, it is a right because it is compulsory, Australian citizens can not choose wether they vote or not.

  17. Alban says:

    Hello, my name is Alban , i am an albanian that lives in Macedonia, i need some information about becoming an Australian citizen, can anyone that’s never been to Australia become its citizen if they are 18 years old or more?

  18. Harpreet says:

    Hi, please help me. My brother died in Australia in June 2016. He got Australian citizenship on April 27, 2016. Now my parents are alone and helpless here in India. He was going to come to India in July and he planned to take his parents to Australia as they are living alone here. They were also waiting eagerly for my brother’s citizenship. Can my parents go to Australia now and get the benefits of his citizenship. ?
    He was going to help me also to go there in Australia

    • admin says:

      We are very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. For your question, it is best if you call the Department of Citizenship and Immigration at 131 880.

  19. mansi says:

    what does and an Australian citizen have to PAY FOR UNDERGRATUDATION COURSES & for MASTER PROGRAM in compare to international students approx. estimate comparison can anyone tell

  20. Mercy wairumu says:

    Kindly help me how I can become a citizen through studies an work.I would like to persue my masters degree in Australia. I also have three children who depends wholely on me. Can they accompany me. Thanks

  21. Julia Logan says:

    I am an Australian citizen but i wish to study university overseas (probably nursing). What do i have to do to come back to Australia to work?

  22. Kerri says:

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  23. Rebecca says:

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