Australian Citizenship – Benefits

Australian Citizenship Test
Applying for Australian citizenship can be a daunting process, but the benefits of being an Australian citizen are numerous. Australia is a peaceful, stable and prosperous country, and becoming a citizen gives you a lot of rewards.


As an Australian citizen, you can vote in any election: federal, state or territory elections, municipal, and in a referendum. This will give a sense of participating in shaping the country’s future. Voting is actually mandatory for Australian citizens.

Seeking election

As an Australian citizen, you may hold many types of elected positions. To become a member of the Federal Parliament though, you must not hold a dual citizenship, unless you can prove that you have made all effort to have your other citizenship revoked.

Preference for jobs in the federal government

Applying for work in the Australian Defence Force or Australian Public Service. Most of these jobs require you to be an Australian citizen.

Avoiding deportation and re-entering Australia freely

As an Australian citizen, you can stay outside Australia as long as you want. You do not need to apply for any visa to re-enter Australia. Also, you cannot be deported for crimes committed after becoming a citizen.

Applying for a passport

As an Australian citizen, you are entitled to an Australian passport, which might be easier to travel with.

Receiving help from an Australian official while overseas

Australia has many embassies and consulates abroad. While traveling, as an Australian citizen, you can ask an Australian embassy or consulate for help in case of an emergency (natural disaster, accident, death…) or the loss of your passport.

Registering children born overseas as Australian citizens by descent

As an Australian citizen, you can register your children born overseas as Australian citizens. They will have the same rights as children born in Australia.

Deferral of University costs

As an Australian citizen, you may be eligible for the deferral of your education fees.

Simplified visa or residency rights

– As an Australian citizen, you have full residence rights in New Zealand without any time limit constraint or risk of losing those rights.
– Australian citizens with professional jobs have access to a simplified work visa for the U.S.


In order to adopt a child in Australia, some states and territories require that one (or both) of the parents is an Australian citizen.

Representing Australia

Many international sporting events require that the participants representing Australian are Australian citizens.

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  3. I am an Australian citizen but i wish to study university overseas (probably nursing). What do i have to do to come back to Australia to work?

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