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15 Frequently Asked Questions About the Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Test - 15 Frequently Asked Questions
Taking the Australian Citizenship Test in the near future? We are sure you are likely to experience some confusion about many things. Here, we are covering our most frequently asked questions about the citizenship test. People between the ages of 18 and 59 on the day they receive your applica

What’s the Importance of Practice Exams for the Australian Citizenship Test?

Australian Citizenship Test Importance Practice Exams
Every year, thousands of people take the Australian citizenship exam to become citizens of Australia. But candidates need to gear up with advanced preparation to pass the test. Simply cramming all the information contained in the resource booklet Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond does not

Australian Citizenship Test: Tips on Taking this Multiple-Choice Test

Australian citizenship test tips
Follow this strategy to help you pass the multiple-choice Australian citizenship test. ● Short, frequent study periods will exercise your long term memory, which is the most effective method for memorizing and understanding the required information. Cramming a lot of information into long s