Australian Citizenship Test: Tips on Taking this Multiple-Choice Test

Australian citizenship test tips

Follow this strategy to help you pass the multiple-choice Australian citizenship test.

Make sure you have reviewed and memorized all the Australian citizenship test study guide information

● Short, frequent study periods will exercise your long term memory, which is the most effective method for memorizing and understanding the required information. Cramming a lot of information into long study sessions is not very efficient as there is a very limited amount of information that you can retain into your short term memory.

● Anticipate what questions may be asked on the test and then try comprising your own multiple-choice test questions. Or to save you the extra time and effort, search on the internet for Australian Citizenship Practice Tests. There are some very good ones available that will help you test your knowledge and understanding of the resource book material. These practice tests will also help you practice finding the correct answer from a variety of similar responses, just like in the official test. This will help you feel prepared and confident on your official test day.

Be prepared on your Australian citizenship test day

● Prepare your brain for optimum performance: get a good night sleep the day before your test, eat healthy well balance meals, avoid consuming caffeine, sugar, chocolate and alcohol, and get some exercise

● Avoid interacting with people that are nervous or unprepared for the test – remember that anxiety is highly contagious, and you should make sure you are as calm as possible which will help you think more clearly and feel more confident on your actual test day

Strategies to follow during the Australian Citizenship test

● Preview the whole test first before answering any of the questions

● Answer only the easy questions first. This will build up your confidence. You will also feel less pressure as you will have more time available to answer the more difficult questions. This strategy will also help you manage your time better as you only have 45 minutes to answer all the test questions. At the same time, make sure that you don’t rush through the easy questions either. There are 3 possible answers to every question. Each question can seem quite similar which can be confusing. Read through all the choices before selecting your answer. Pay attention to the subtle differences between the answers, and pick the answer you know is correct. Make sure the answer directly relates to the question.

● If you are still stressed after answering all the easy questions, take a one minute break to take a deep breath, and have a little stretch in your chair. Remind yourself that you have already answered most of the questions, assuming that you studied well before the test. So each difficult question that you answer correctly will be a bonus. You only need 75% to pass.

● Now it’s time to tackle the more difficult questions. Read all the answers first. Eliminate all the answers that you know are incorrect. If you are still unsure of the answer, then resort to your gut instinct. Remember what answer you first thought was the correct one? Then choose that answer, as your first instinct on an answer has the highest chance of being the correct one. If you never had that first instinct on a particular question, then take an educated guess that makes the most sense to you.

So, we hope you utilize this strategy to help you pass your Australian Citizenship Test. Good luck on your official test day!

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