COVID-19 FULL UPDATE: Citizenship Ceremonies and Australian Citizenship Test

COVID-19 full update Australian Citizenship Test Citizenship Ceremonies

Since June, when the government started easing COVID-19 restrictions, citizenship ceremonies have recommenced online.

Some conferees are able to attend an in-person ceremony.

It is advised to wait to be contacted directly to attend an online or in-person ceremony. There is no need to contact the Department or your local council about your ceremony.

Who qualifies for taking the oath of citizenship?

Only applicants that are already approved to continue the process of becoming an Australian citizen will be invited to attend their citizenship ceremony.

How do in-person ceremonies work?

You can expect a COVIDSafe version of a citizenship ceremony.

The ceremonies will be in compliance with current state or territory protocols on COVIDSafe requirements. The event will most likely involve the use of hand sanitizer, gloves and masks. A limited number of guests will be allowed to attend the ceremony.

The experience may be a sterilized and relatively less intimate version of a citizenship ceremony but that will seem like nothing compared to the joy you will receive from becoming an Australian citizen!

How do online citizenship ceremonies work?

• Citizenship ceremonies are delivered online via secure video-link
• There will be a presiding officer and likely a single conferee
• A household group is generally welcome if they reside in the same dwelling
• Will be shorter than traditional in-person ceremonies
• Will ensure all legal requirements are met
• Will include integrity measures, such as identity checks

Where can I currently take my in-person Australian citizenship test?

Eligible applicants will be contacted and invited to attend a citizenship test. There is no need to contact the Department about your citizenship test.

In-person citizenship appointments (which can either be your Citizenship Interview or your Australian Citizenship Test) have resumed to some capacity across states and territories in accordance with health guidelines.

In-person citizenship appointments normally conducted by Services Australia in regional locations are not yet available. Updated information will be made available here.

Citizenship Appointments are currently available at:
• Department of Home Affairs office, Adelaide SA
• Department of Home Affairs office, Brisbane QLD
• Department of Home Affairs office, Canberra ACT
• Department of Home Affairs office, Cairns QLD
• Department of Home Affairs office, Darwin NT
• Department of Home Affairs office, Hobart TAS
• Department of Home Affairs office, Parramatta NSW
• Department of Home Affairs office, Perth WA
• Department of Home Affairs office, Sydney NSW

In Melbourne, citizenship tests and interviews have not yet resumed because of the city’s resurgence in coronavirus cases.

What can I expect when taking my citizenship test?

Safety of staff and applicants are top priority, so test centres will likely have reduced capacity. There may be masks, gloves, sanitized surfaces and screens between candidates and officers.

Read our comprehensive guide of what to take to your test and what to expect at your test.

How to prepare for your Australian Citizenship Test?

One of the final steps of the application process is taking the Australian citizenship test. After that, you take your Citizenship Ceremony where you become an Australian citizen. After making it to that hard-earned finish line, you can have the best party of your life! Let’s face it, nothing beats being a citizen of one of the best countries in the world!

We can help you achieve your dream of becoming an Australian citizen.

We offer comprehensive online training for the Australian citizenship test. We have helped thousands of people pass their test 🇦🇺.

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