Australian citizenship test: what is the resource book “Australia citizenship: Our Common Bond” all about?

Australian citizenship test

Australian citizenship test

The Australian citizenship test resource book Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond has been originally released in October 2007, when the Australian government introduced a citizenship test. A revised version of the resource book has since been released in October 2009, exactly two years after the original.

The citizenship test questions are based on the content of this resource book. The resource book is divided into a testable section (the content that you will actually be tested on) and a non-testable section (for information only). The testable section (part 1, part 2, part 3) covers Australia and its people, Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties, the government and the law in Australia.

The testable section of the original version was more about general knowledge on Australia. This revised version emphasizes more on the rights, responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship. You won’t see anymore such question as who lit the Olympic flame in Sydney, but rather the meaning of a double majority in a referendum.
Australian values such as democracy, freedom, human rights, and the equality of men and women are also portrayed. Australia’s native roots are also clearly presented at the beginning of the resource book.

The non-testable section explains the cultural and political of Australia nowadays.

Basically, this revised edition is telling a more complete story of Australia, with a broader range of information. People have the chance to understand Australia at both a factual and conceptual level.

This resource book is the only material you will be tested on. It is free of charge, and can be ordered or downloaded from the DIAC website. You don’t need to purchase it. You can also listen to the content of this book, either using the YouTube video links provided on the DIAC website. You do not need to read any other book about Australia to prepare for your test.

The material presented in this resource book is one of the requirements to become an Australian citizen. The Australian government wants new citizens to have a good knowledge of Australia (symbols, native population, geography…), and a good knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizenship. They want you to have a complete picture of you new country of citizenship.

This revised Australian citizenship resource book seems to give an adequate knowledge of Australia and Australian citizenship, making the citizenship test a valid and useful requirement.

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