Australian citizenship test: how to prepare for it?

Australian citizenship test

Study material of the Australian citizenship test

The official government resource book for the Australian citizenship test is called Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. You only need to memorize the testable section of this resource book to prepare for you test.

The testable section is:
Part 1—Australia and its people
Part 2—Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties
Part 3—Government and the law in Australia

You can be tested on any facts contained in this testable section. Nobody can tell for sure which questions are going to appear on your test. So it is best to memorize all the content of the testable section. The resource book has a lot of information to learn, so it can be a bit overwhelming. But there are efficient ways to prepare for your test.

Australian citizenship test preparation: step 1

We recommend that you read the entire testable section once, without trying to memorize anything. The goal is to give you a general idea of the test material.

Australian citizenship test preparation: step 2

Then, we find that the best way to memorize the content of the resource book is to study chapter by chapter. Don’t try to memorize the whole book at once. You should read chapter 1 (Part 1—Australia and its people), and then take a chapter 1 practice test. A chapter practice test is similar to the official citizenship test, but specific to a chapter. Our Complete Online Training Program provides unlimited chapter tests, but for now you can take a free chapter 1 test to see for yourself. The chapter tests are designed to help you memorize the resource book. You can choose the number of questions per chapter test and the tests are not timed, so that you can learn at your own pace.

Australian citizenship test preparation: step 3

Once you are comfortable with your knowledge and practice of all three chapters, then you can move on to our simulation tests. A simulation test is the exact replica of the official computer-based standard Australian citizenship test. The exact same look and format are replicated. The simulation tests draw questions from every chapter and are timed (45 minutes), just like in the official test. You can take a free simulation test to see for yourself.

Remember that the citizenship test is a multiple-choice test. For every question, you will have 3 choices of possible answers. The answers can be very similar to one another, making it sometimes difficult to recognize the right answer. Simulation tests and chapter tests are thus very important because they train you to recognize the right answer among a choice of similar ones.

You should stop studying the day before the test, as you want to allow all the information to sink in.

Good luck with your test training, and we wish you the best of luck for your official Australian citizenship test!

Prepare for your Australian Citizenship Test

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