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From Mohamad, Lebanon

The website was very helpful. It helped me pass the test in quick time receiving 100% a score of 20/20. I recommend it to anyone who needs to study for the Australian citizenship test.

From Alan, Ireland

I found the online tests very helpful, the tests covered all sections of the resource book and provided a great way of memorising all the information provided.
I especially liked the simulation tests - they are a very effective way of preparing. I passed my test with a perfect score!
This was excellent value for money!

From Mario, Italy

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I have found your online training course fantastic!!! Actually, just few days ago I have passed my citizenship test! The whole experience it 's been great, worth every dollar so I really recommended to anyone who need to sit on the test. The format with the chapter test it' s a wonderful idea, in order to really master every section separately. The simulated test at the end is also perfect, and really put you in the same situation of the real test. Overall an EXELLENT product!!! Well done...

From Adele, Vietnam

Today, i actually got an appointment for citizenship test and i passed it easily with the highest score 100% ( and i only spent 2 mins to
finish the test) . I am so glad that i chose to practice with your training program. I think your program is so helpful and very easy to use.
I will highly recommend anyone who wants to know about Australia, wants to pass the test and proudly become Australian citizen. Thank you so much again for your effective and helpful program.
Kind regards,

From Mark, England

Hi There,
Myself and my wife found the training program absolutely invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend this training pack, anybody who is going to sit the test should purchase this if they want to pass! Going through each chapter as well as referring to the book covers all the questions you could possibly be asked as well as telling you where to find the answer if you get it wrong. After spending a week going through all the chapters on my PC as well as my smart phone I was regularly sitting the trial exam and getting
100% every time, so I knew I was ready for the test. Since then we have both past the test and are looking forward to our citizenship ceremony.
If you want to pass purchase this program, I cannot fault it - Its Great!
Mark from Birmingham England

From Gloria, Philippines

Hi, I did my test and passed 24/24 and I only studied 2 days before my test, here at australiancitizenshipsupport.com everything makes it easy! Thank you so much… I will recommend this site to my friends and family.

From Attila, Hungary

This online training program is a great option to practice for your citizenship test. The training panel is well build, clear and user friendly. As a result of using the training panel for a few days, I passed my test with a score of 100%. Thank you and I love you Australia! Good luck to everybody! 🙂
Best Regards,

From Jean-Michel, France

Thank you so much for this great support for training and preparing ourselves to sit the Australian Citizenship test. All questions I got on the official test were exactly the same, same format and passed the test without difficulties with an 100% accuracy. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. I highly recommend your website to all future citizen I know of.

From Lan, Vietnam

Thank you a million for your great support. I pass my test this afternoon with score of 100% .My success is due to your online training program. It' s genious.

From Olivia, Indonesia

I was a little bit anxious the night before my test; I discovered that I wasn't quite as ready as I originally thought I was after doing some free practice tests.
Luckily I found AustralianCitizenshipSupport.com and straightaway paid for the program and did as much as I could that night.
It paid off the next morning on my test, I finished within a couple of minutes with perfect score.
I don't think anything can prepare you as well as this training program. It's very thorough and helps you reinforce and memorise the information you've read from the book.
Thank you!

From Samneet, India

I really liked your training programme.
i would like to say thanks to you for providing this service online.
it's good as we don't need to go out for taking citizenship lessons.
This programme saves money as well as time.
Thank you.

From Vadym, Ukraine

We used at least 4-5 major online citizenship exam preparation resources both free and paid. None of them even remotely close to the level of detail and systematization of this site. It’s well worth of asked money. To study using official guide only is a risky approach since it doesn’t provide you with neither a feeling of real exam nor allows you to conveniently dissect all the information and focus on what’s really important. Both of us scored 20 out of 20 on exam and it was really a piece of cake after we went through this training. We finished our exam in less than 5 minutes and were amongst first people to leave exam room. Thanks a lot to people running this site. Keep doing the good job!

From Amado, Philippines

hi citizenship support i would like to express my gratitude with this site it helps alot i pass my test with perfect score and now i'am officially Australian citizenship thanks a lot and more power to this site ..

From Tejinder, India

I passed the test. AustralianCitizenshipsupport.com was great help. Study Material provided by them was very helpful. Cost of the material is worth it .I highly recommend to someone preparing for citizenship test.
Thank you!

From Natalie, Kenya

Thanks for the Training. I have finished my test and got 100%. I have enjoyed the training, I am happy I spent the money to have access to this training. It has been very helpful, not only for the test but it is a very helpful way to learn about Australia. Good set up easy to understand.

From Silvana, Uruguay

Hello, I was very nervous about the Citizenship ... when I signed for this program I said "how am I going to remember all of this?" however ur program make it easy, I did the official test and I pass 100%... thanks! I am very happy that I am Australian and I found this program!!! I truly recommended to anybody speaking fluent English or just the basic.

From Hashir, Jordan

Thanks a lot. You have no idea how happy I am today. I did my exam today and it was very easy i got 20/20 and I finished in less than 3 mins. 39$ is totally worth it. For the people who is thinking to join, please don’t take too long to think about it, because it’s totally worth it. Just wanted to share this.

From Daniel, United Kingdom

Thanks alot for the this program which I purchased the night before my test! My own fault for leaving things so last minute, but the program helped me digest the information brilliantly and I got 100% on my test! Highly recommended!

From Zhuoyang, China

I have passed the exam, and it only spent less than 4mins and 100% correct. Thus your training is really helpful. Actually I knew your website from my friend and next time I will advice my friends who will apply for the citizenship. Thank you very much.

From Carrie, United Kingdom

I have found the training program really easy to use - iphone friendly and great to be able to keep practicing the questions at any time. I feel very prepared for my test on Wednesday - well worth the money.
Many thanks

From Rose, United Kingdom

The training programme was fantastic. It really helped me and I scored 100% on the final test. I really liked the fact that the test questions worked on my ipad and you could dip in and out of them and see your test record and totals. I've spent $6000 on getting my citizenship over 7 years so I thought the programme was great value at only $39.

From Rinku, India

Hi there team,
The website is so amazing , i have a test today and I just start with only simulation test today and i passed. The web site is so good especially the ability to reset the chapters. Easy to move around and able to not only use it on a computer, using a mobile is great. I highly recomended for everyone, espacially who cant speak english very well. My citizenship test went well and achieved 100%. I m so thanks full to all team members who made a website. Good on u guys to help us.
So, thank you heeps!

From Victor, Australia

Your program has been extremely helpful. It is something that I would strongly recommend to anyone that is doing the Citizenship test. Your support has been great, I wrote to you regarding a few things and within 24 hours I had a reply. Many thanks for all your help.

From Joselyne, Burundi

Hello. So far it is been empowering using your system. I think I would become an A student if I used same system for all my tests. Thanks so much for making studying fun and easier.

From Karen, New Zealand

Thank you for the practice tests. I don't think I would have passes with my 100% mark if I had been able to practice with your tests.
Karen Whitton

From Mohamad, Lebanon

The website was very helpful. It helped me pass the test in quick time receiving 100% a score of 20/20. I recommend it to anyone who needs to study for the Australian citizenship test.

From Hassan, Jordan

Really i passed the citizenship test after practicing it and it was very useful and i advice every one to use it and it took me 2:24 minutes only to submit my test with a 100%

From Vivan, China

Hello AustralianCitizenshipSupport.com team,
Thank you very much, I've passed the test 20/20. This is a good website for study Australian citizenship test. I will suggest someone if He need documents for prepare the citizenship test.
Best regards,
Vi Van

From Judy, China

Dear AustralianCitizenshipSupport.com team,
Your training program is the best-very neat and fully covers the whole testing material. I finished the test in less than 5 minutes with 100% test result! Thank you very much!
Best Regards

From Katy, United Kingdom

Your online training programme is fantastic 🙂 It was great training for our citizenship test and so easy to use. Both myself and husband passed the citizenship test with flying colours.
Thank you
Best regards,

From Chamindu, Sri Lanka

I had a very good experience with the information and training and have taken and passed the test.
Thank you.

From Alissar, Lebanon

Hi Sir/Madam
This Program was very helpful and detailed and I have enjoyed it ….Thank you for your support and keep on the good work .

From Lynsay, South Africa

I passed 100% and i honestly believe it was because of this programme! Easy, fast and straight forward. It covers all of the questions. Excellent source for studying

From Sue, United Kingdom

I had a very good experience with the information and training and have taken and passed the test - Thank you.

From Liqun, China

Dear Sirs,
The immigration staff let me do the computer test with 20 question on 45 minute, and only take me 15 minutes to finished it. comes with amazing result, your 500 question really help. thank you, I'll recommend your website to my friend who will attend the test.
Kind regards,
Liqun M.

From Gurvinder, India

I really like way to study the citizenship test. Very helpfull. I recommend to every one who going for test.

From Igor, Russian Federation

Great tool to have for the test.
Thank you!

From Vicky, United Kingdom

Hi there!
I found your training material for the Australian Citizenship test to be a fantastic help!
After using your simulation tests to practice I felt really confident going into the test and was thrilled to pass with a score of 100%.
Thank you.
Vicky D.

From Bianca, Romania

Both me and my husband were very pleased that we found this program online and it helped us to get ready and feel confident about the real life test. Thank you for the support! It was amazing.
Best regards,

From Jane, New Zealand

Many thanks to you!!
I was well prepared for the test. I did it in under 3 minutes and got 100% The guy next to me was told that he had failed twice. He had to reschedule, I could just walk out!. Some of The questions are hard and many are confusing I was nervous beforehand but I did all the simulations and every test question. I did the simulation until I finished it and that took about 10 days but it was well worth it to be confident in the testing room on the day.. I could not be happier! I am from NZ and have lived here nearly all of my life. I was shocked to find out that I was on a temporary visa. Now I will become an Australian citizen by the end of the year. .
Jane G.

From Taro, Indonesia

Australian Citizenship Test Training Program has help me past my Citizenship test recently. I was not going to study for the test cause i thought after spending 25 years here i should know a lot about Australia...oooh! boy was i wrong cause after doing the practice test on ACTTP i answered 4 wrong out of 5 question so i decided to purchase the training program online and i studied it and i got 100% in my citizenship test recently. I recommend it to anyone to purchased this training program
online cause it will help you a lot and know more about how this great country was build.

From Bhavin, India

thank you for your support.
very helpful this website to pass test

From Zahra, Islamic Republic of

I passed 100% and your training was so useful, thank you.

From Iresha, Sri Lanka

Your Program was really helpful and it was similar to the real test. I got 100%. Thank you very much.

From Mariana, Argentina

Mariana, Argentina
Thanks to your training I've got a 100% on the test. Of course practised lots but also learned on the practise. It's a fantastic tool. Thank you again and continue supporting those in need of training.
Mariana from Argentina

From Muhammad, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

yes i really love this web site i pass my test only because of this site .u r doing realy very well i only can say that just keep it up well.

From Sumeet, India

I would like to highly thank you for providing this wonderful support as I got a chance to go through all your chapter questions after reading the citizenship booklet. I was happy to be a part of your support program. All the questions are informative and covers almost all the chapter questions. The simulation tests are also helpful.

I had a confidence built in after completing all your chapter/simulation questions and this is the reason I got 24/24.

Kind Regards,


From Erika, South Africa

I got 100% :))))).
Thank YOU for a GREAT training programme.

From Honey, Myanmar

Today I passed my exam….
I so happy for that…
Thank you God….
Be4 I try manytimes …..
I can’t believe ….with my exam …
I pray to God ….
When I live in Burma refugee Camp….I never study and 🙂 English
” now English is important more than I life ….
I like to speaks to everyone ….to leaning English …
I so happy….

From Bhanu, India

great support for the training you provided.
score 23/24.

From Zeinab, Iraq

My name is Zeinab,
I really enjoyed the training it was so good.I pass the test 24 out the 24.
Thank you

From Hassan, Iraq

I pass 2day 🙂 beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Best & The Best *****

From Tina & Andrej , Slovenia

My husband and I passed the test today, both with 100% score. Your website was very helpful, easy to use. We will definitely recommend you. Thank you:))))
Tina & Andrej from Slovenia

From Carl, United Kingdom

I’ve just taken the test a few minutes ago and scored 100% and was out of there in less than three minutes. So, thank you.
The questions on your site seem to be identical to the proper test questions. Also, the layout and style of the Simulation Test section is almost identical too. Which is great because it makes the actual test feel familiar.
I’m very pleased I spent a few dollars on your site, because, although it wasn’t a hard test, I walked in there well prepared.

From Antje, Germany

Both my husband and I passed the test with 95% / 100% and it took us less than 3 minutes. We noticed others struggling and they needed much longer. Though the time really doesn't matter, it was satisfying to see that we were very well prepared.

From Calista, India

I passed my exam thank you very much this website is very help me lot. Thanks.

From Estelle, South Africa

Thank you so much for the excellent service! It helped my self and my family trough ouer test today! We passed with a 100% pass rate! I will recommend it to any future citizens to Australia!! Thanks again keep up this excellent services!

From Dominic, Peru

Hi everyone
I just want to let u know I had my citizenship test today. I passed the test with a score of 100 % whitin just 3 min and 45 secons of the test. A big Thanks for helping me work hard for this test as there were practical and I would highly recommended it because it look same format and exactly the same questions to the official tests. So thanks you so much.

From Srikanth, India

We had successfully completed our test
And your website is extremely helpful for it and we absolutely relied on it.

From Imran, Pakistan

Hi guys,
I got your membership just three day before my test and I passed it. I recommend your site to everyone how is going for Australian citizenship test.

From Dejan, Yugoslavia

100% in 2min and 47 sec

From Lingwen, China

This program is really helpful for me. And it is really similar to the rwal test. I got 100% right for my test!!!

From Tu, China

Yes, the training was great.
I passed the test easily, less than 3 minutes. The practices were really hard which made the test super easy. I am glad that I bought it.
Thank you!

From Mellissa, New Zealand

The programme was very helpful and it has assisted me and my family in passing the citizenship test. We recently received our citizenship approval letter and are waiting for our local council to send out a date for our ceremony.. Thank you very much..

From Mehrnoosh, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Hi dears:
I want to let you know I had citizenship test today. I passed with high mark. Tanks for helping and working hard for tests.
All the best

From Gernilda, Philippines

Australian Citizenship Support.com Staffs: Thanks in a million, I PASSED AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP TEST with the score of 100%.
Spirit of Mateship, a great help for me that I passed the ACT examination through these resources, tool and training program online. All I can say, very excellent training program, effective and substance information and I enjoy my practice test and learn deeply all about the country of Australia.
Highly recommended because same look and same format and exactly the same to the official tests. Gernilda-Philippines

From Shane, United Kingdom

I just passed my citizenship test today and I got perfect score. A big thank you… You are a big help for me…. God bless and More power!!!

From Alexander, Iraq

My family did the test and they passed because of your online training!

From Cristina, Philippines

Thank you so much for the citizenship training program. It helped me memorize the dates, events, the facts in a very easy way. I passed the examination with just one mistake. Thanks again!

From Liudmila, Russian Federation

Dear CitizenshipSupport,
I am really happy that I have found your web cite just two weeks before exam.
I wanted to find questions chapter by chapter not mixed. And it is exactly what you offered. I passed test with 20 questions answered correctly. Thank you for your help.
Happy Christmas!

From Rohan, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

I did my test and I must say that it was a success and I got 90%. Thanks to citizenship support online program helped me to understand chapter by chapter.
Thanks again for the support and I will recommend this program to anyone.

From Faiza, Pakistan

I passed my test today this site helps me a lot . I would like to thank admin GOD BLESS to all of them who make this help ful site bye HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

From Aftab, Pakistan

I am Aftab also I am in Canada Ontario. Since I was taking first test for Citizenship and I was not passed it … After I still get second chance and I am research on Internet and notice your program made me so interesting. Honestly it really worth to pay it because this really help me a lot, ideas about Canada, practice online and really so much information also it look like fun to learn too!
Now I am pass second test! I am very happy with it! Thank you so much!

From David, United States of America

Just took my test today, Passed 19 out of 20..Thank you very much….

From Mariano, Spain

The training program is just perfect!!

From Giovana, Brazil

Hi Citizenship Adm Group,
Thanks to your method I had a perfect score 100 %.
Bless you all!

From Hser Nay, Thailand

thanks god and thank you to you. i just pass my test today.

From Derrick, Zaire

Hi there,
Just letting you know that my wife and I all passed the test last Monday. Your website really assisted us knowing and understanding Australia facts of history, culture, social and politics. As we were all using your website, my wife passed, 80% and I 100%.
My family andf I really appreciate your support and I will recommand my friends and relatives to use your tool for their future Australian Citizenship test and preparation.
Once again, thank you very much.

From Mai, Vietnam

Hi thanks you so so much of your tranning program .i pass my test and i am so happy thank you very much

From Jason, Israel

The online training program is very well structured and test questions covered all chapters. Both my wife and I read the citizenship book ones followed by answering all questions. Well I answered them all my wife has photographic memory and only did about 4 tests of chapter 3. We went to the exam feeling very confident and am happy to say we both passed the exam with a 100% Mark and It only took us around 3 minutes to complete.

From Jago, Philippines

wow i cant believe i pass my test today and got 20/20 and thanks for this website it helps alot more power to this site and god bless.

From Gajrup, India

Thank you for your online training, it really helped me a lot. I passed my exam with an awesome mark.:) I will recommend this website to all.

From Shinga, Zimbabwe

It was very helpful i got 100%.

From Jean Marie, Rwanda

Hi, i am really happy for how i passed australian citizenship tests. I also wanted to sand a msg to say this site was very helpful for me. This was amazing I did only ones and i passed i got 90% in 15 minutes.

From Aditya, India

I have found your presentation excellent.

From Stephanie, Canada

Hi! I just wanted to send a msg to say this site was very helpful for me to study for my Australian citizenship exam. I was well prepared and passed my test with a perfect score! The $39 cost was money well spent.
Thank you!

From Eliseo, Philippines

Your online training program is very well structured in learning and preparing for citizenship test. I have read the citizenship book several times but it did not make me feel comfortable that I will pass the test until I started practicing from your online program. The link (to actual book page) to incorrect answer was very helpful in remembering the details.
Once again thank you as I passed my citizenship test with a perfect score!!!

From Malgorzata, Poland

Fantastic program! I have passed my exam! Highly recommend it!!!

From Danny, Philippines

This training program was really great. I passed my exam recently. Thank you so much, God bless you all.

From Mary, Ghana

hi, thank you. I have pass my test for the first time. Mrs Mary

From Tonyo, Zimbabwe

Your training program was very helpful. I only got it a few days before my test but I practiced with the sample test questions and I passed first time. Thanks so much!

From Simon, China

Hi, there
It is very helpful to me and I study text book twice and did all the test questions twice like 700 questions then double is 1400 questions. You know what turns out, I had finished Immigration citizenship test in 1 and half minute and the final store is 95%. Around $30 dollars is totally worth it.
Thank you.

From Ekaterina, Russian Federation

The program is really comprehensive and tackles the questions from all angles which is helpful in brushing up English comprehension as well. The program is excellent and well worth while - thank you.

From Christine, Australia

Hi just wanted you to know that your training program was first class and very user friendly 100% pass. Felt great. Thank you.

From Mariatu, Sierra Leone

Thanks to your training program, I passed my test today. The mp3 audio was really helpful.

From Susi, Indonesia

That's amazing....very helpful. I passed my test.
Thanks so much.

From Maria, Mexico

Your program is very helpful for the test preparation. It helped me a lot. I totally recommend it. Thank you very much.

From Elena, Russian Federation

I picked this program as I was not happy 100% about the sample tests on other websites as they went in details of only couple of the booklet chapters. I found this website extremely helpful during my preparation and growing my confidence. This program gives you a good overview of the actual book which is the best in preparation. You start remember the resource book almost word by word and this is the way to go when you have to deal with the variations on the questions. So good luck and have you test nailed. I passed the test.

From Nawal, Australia

its great and very helpful.

From Aboo & Khradija, Mauritius

Hi Guys,
The training questions were a great help for both myself and my wife, They helped us achieve a 100% pass.
Thanks again

From Geraldine, Australia

It was a great help we did our test I got 95 so I am very happy thank you.

From Maung, Myanmar (Burma)

Thanks for the site, I got thru by 100% points. I only practiced twice each section. It’s really helpful and worthy.

From Carla, Belgium

Dear AustralianCitizenship support team,
The training was very pleasant for me with proven 'very good' results after doing my Australian Citizenship test last week. Thank you very much for putting the test together, it is both very helpful as well as educative!
Best Regards,

From Rakesh, India

Its very good. I got 100% and my wife 98%. We just practice for three days. Thank you very much. very good website.

From Brendan, Australia

Hi there,
Thanks for you site, I found it very useful and was very confident when I went to do my test, and passed with 100% !!!
Thanks again!!

From Manjula, Sri Lanka

I got thru the test with 100% correct answres,Thank you for building confident in me, I just got to know about this only two days before the test, did all 450 questions n i was ready in no time,
It really works………….
Thank you.

From Declan, Australia

AustralianCitizenshipSupport.com certainly helped me in my test which I undertook 3 weeks ago in Melbourne. I acheieved 100%! and would not have achieved this without the assistance of this webiste. Again Thank you, and would recommend this to anyone!

From Zainook, Myanmar (Burma)

Dear AsutralianCitizenSupport!!
I just wanted to say Thank you for this amazing app. I today passed the citizenship test with the perfect score of 100%. Through doing your training program and the simulated tests, the official test was very easy to complete. Again thank you, thank you and thank you from a very grateful nearly new Australian citizen....

From Lizelle Y., South Africa

Dear AsutralianCitizenSupport!!
I just wrote my exam and passed with 100%. Thank you so much for truly a comprehensive and user friendly program. I could not have been better prepared
Best Regards
Lizelle Y

From Daniel, Ireland

I just wanted to say Thank you for this amazing app. I today passed the citizenship test with the perfect score of twenty out of twenty. Through doing your training program and the simulated tests, the official test was very easy to complete. Yes the format of simulated tests are the same as the official test......and some of the questions; well at least the wording ad phraseology of the questions were very similar also.
Again thank you, thank you and thank you from a very grateful nearly new Australian citizen

From Mark and Joanna, Singapore

Hi Guys,
The training questions were a great help for both myself and my wife. My wife prefers to learn by 'doing' and your practice questions helped her achieve a 100% pass. Could not have done it without the sample questions. Thank you, Mark and Joanna.

From Faith, Spain

This training program was really great. I passed the test with 100%. Thank you guys!

From Hiral, India

Hi, there
I used your program for practicing my citizenship test questions. As well my husband also use this program to practice. And We both passed this test Today on 26/06/2013. We both R so happy and it's worth.... to subscribe with your program. It's really good format for practice Just like original Test format. Very well Explained All chapters separetely.
Your's Truly....

From Paramjeet, India

This training program was great, I passed with 100% in just 5 minutes. Thanks guys, fantastic training program.

From Wai-Shion, China

Thanks for help , it's very good, fully cover , I get 100% pass.

From John and Nhu, Vietnam

I would like to let you know that I had passed the test this afternoon. Thank you so much for designing the website which I had used to learn and memorize the Australian Citizenship book. All the best wishes to you and your team.
Have a great evening
Kind Regards,
John & Nhu

From Sreekanth, India

Just 5 min ! 100% thanks a lot to ACS team.

From Julie, United Kingdom

My husband and I found your training program very useful, we both passed the test with 100%. We will definitely reccommend the program to our friends in the future. Thanks

From Stuart, United Kingdom

Passed the test with 100% in 3 minutes, your practice questions were extremely helpful,

From Kamal, Sri Lanka

It’s a grate training program. I passed the test. Thank you very much for all your help best. regards.

From Adolfo, Colombia

hi thanks a lot we past the test with 95 %

From Manish, India

Thanks Australian Citizenship Team,
It's really a great experience to go through this programme.
The best part I love is the Chapter test as this provides all possible questions can be asked during the test.
Once you do this test; you even don't need to read the book as each step you get an answer and that makes the preparation easy for me.
With regards,

From Lisa, Tonga

To the Admin,
Thank you very much for your help it was a short notice for me to sit my test today, so I managed to get the training program yesterday and study and do my test today, so I passed 100%, so thank you very much for your supports and all the hints, without your help I won’t be smiling today. Thanks again.

From Edward, Australia

It's a great training program. Both I and my wife passed the test with full score.

From Samira, The Islamic Republic of Iran

I passed my test for my first attempt. I read your questions for about 10 consecutive hours and it worked as you encouraged. Thanks very much again and I will not forget to recommend people who having the Australian citizenship test to visit your Website and buy online practical test. Thanks Best Regards.

From Christiane, Germany

Hi there,
thank you soooo much for your fantastic program.
Without it - I am sure - I would have had problems, but with your program: I made the test with 100 %.
And I learned additionally a lot about Australia in a quick and easy way.
Thanks again!!!
Kind regards

From Bashir, Australia

hi there i have good news for you.
i have past the test by 95% thank you very mutch for all your help.
best regards

From Zainook, Myanmar

Hi i m zainook
i enjoyed your training this is vary good, help me a lot i hope i can pass.. thank you 🙂

From Shaohua, China

I pass the exam. Thank you very much.

From Jas, Australia

Hello citizenshipsupport team,
I should acknowledge that your website and questionnaire are the best to practice and hope I should clear exam which is proposed by end of the month. Website has best of lessons to practice and each lessons has practice questions which gives candidate more opportunity to have control on each topic.
It is the best tutorial to clear the citizenship exam.
Kind Regards,

From Naaz, Australia

Australian citizanship support really helped me in my test today, passed with 100% marks. Thank you and would recommend this site to all.

From Tony, Malaysia

Hi there team,
The web site is good especially the ability to reset the chapters. Easy to move around and able to not only use it on a computer, using a mobile is great. My citizenship test went well and achieved 100%.
So, thank you heeps!

From Bernadette, France

This preparation is just was is needed to go there without stress and be sure to have the best result in the shortest time. That makes this test nothing else than another form to complete.

From Sodana (On behalft of Thory), Australia

Thanks for your website, my mum managed to get pass on her first test. Her English is very limited, but she practiced the test on your website many times, very handy for her.
Thanks for your support through when we needed you.

From Suza, Australia

Very thanks to your program, I passed citizenship test and I will strongly recommend you to other people who need to sit test.
Thanks again.

From Yola, Syrian Arab Republic

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have enjoyed the program and learnt a lot.

From Alexandra, Germany

Thank you so much for setting up a new account. I had my test yesterday and all was good. I passed. Great! Again many thanks for your support and quick responses.

From Kousar, Afghanistan

Hello admin. Today i had citizenship test and i passed with 100%. I can say your site help me too much. Thanks for your support me to pass my test !

From Garry, Australia

The training packages were a fantastic help. The tests after each chapter were invaluable and the mock tests prepared me for the real thing. I felt totally prepared when it came to sitting the test thanks to the online training.

From Surinder, India

Hello sir thanx so much. I've pass my test with 100 % score 20/20. Ur all questions /answer r very helpfull to pass the test. thank u very much again Australian Citizenship support.

From Claudiu, Romania

thank you very much for this program it is very helpfull and i encourage all the people for take this just for $ 39 . thank you again!!!

From Stephen, Ireland

Hello, i studied for two days using your questions passed first try, thx.

From Arnold, Philippines

The online training program is really good. It is both easy to follow and very helpful.

From Stuart, United Kingdom

hello I have found that the program has been very helpful and a really good training application.I would really recommend this to anybody that i know that is going to sit citizenship test and defiantly recommend this program to every body reading this review,This application is defiantly worth the money and if you are reading this review good luck in your test but if you buy this application i don't think you will need my good wishes.

From Francois, Australia

Thank you for the great help provided in the chapter questions and the simulation tests. Both me and my wife passed with flying colours. Questions was the same as the test and really helped us prepare and pass with ease.

From Patrick (Brisbane), Australia

The citizenship test is the final step of a long and tedious process for becoming australian. For this ultimate challenge you need to be carefully prepared for targetting the highest score at 100 %. With AustralianCitizenshipSupport you are sure to achieve your goal. You have only one shot (even if you could sit again for the test if you failed). I used all the available resources from the on-line program including staff advice and assistance. The staff is very reactive and I really appreciated a very prompt reply to a question. After a regular training at steady pace you feel more and more confident for D-day. I just spent $ 39.00 and I scored at 100 % in less than 6 minutes. I just did it. You can do it too. I am pretty sure.

From Mareon, South Africa

Dear Australian Citizenship Support team. Thank you for the program! It is a great program and really helped me studying for the test! Thank you.

From Khalid, Malaysia

Hi, I did my test today and it was all most the same questions what we already studied in your site . I recommend the Citizenship Support program. Thank you.

From Brenda, New Zealand

Dear Australian Citizen Support Team
Best $39 I've ever spent.
Test's were easy to follow and covered everything required. I have completed the citizenship test and scored 100%. I now know more than some of the Australian staff at work. Many thanks.

From Danh, Vietnam

I am happy that I subscribed to your training program. I did my test few days ago and I scored 100%! I don't think I would have done as well without your training. It helped me focus on the material and it helped me feel confident and prepared for the actual test. Thank you australiancitizenshipsupport.com!

From Raj, Bangladesh

I signed up for your website 1 week before my test, and I followed your training advices. I started to learn chapters with your chapter tests, then I did your simulation test. It was perfect training for me. It is a very smart training method. I had my real test yesterday, and I passed no problem. Your simulation tests are exactly like the real test, so I was not stressed with learning how to do the real test. I am very happy I found your website.

From Nirbhaya, India

Greetings. I liked very much that I could reset any chapter and practice again. I practiced a lot with your website because it is hard to practice alone and remember all the information. Your website was very helpful.

From Fei Yen, China

I am happy I found your website. I have my test in 2 days, and I feel ready. Thank you!

From Kwan, South Korea

Dear australiancitizinshipsupport, I liked your simulation tests, they look exactly like the real test I took yesterday. Very good!

From Grace, Philippines

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your assistance. This is a very important step in my life, and I am very grateful for your preparation program. I was well prepared for the test. I will tell my friends and family about it.

From Steve, UK

Your program did a good job at preparing me for my exam. I actually passed my exam first time. Your simulation tests are exactly like the exam, which gave me great confidence in using the computer test. Thank you for putting this fantastic website together!

From Mohinder, India

Your website was very helpful for my test preparation. Very organized, easy to use. All the questions asked in my real test were found in your practice tests. I will definitely recommend you!

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  1. Dear
    My thanks to the team
    This on line practice method very useful to everyone because I did today my citizenship exam and passed just only 8 minutes took
    More than 95% final test questions same as your simulation question and I never used any other citizenship app
    Only used Australian citizenship support
    Website so this my best recommendation
    To anyone waiting for citizenship exam soon

    1. Congratulations on passing your test Nadarajah! That is a very wonderful achievement!
      We are so happy that our program was the best preparation for your test. Thank you for recommending us!

  2. Really helpful !! Highly recommend it!
    Got me 100%
    Plenty of questions and tests to practice.
    Worth the money.

    1. Thank you for taking to time to leave an amazing review Rohan! We are happy that you found our training to be such great value! All the best to you!!

  3. Current Date: 11 April 2024

    If you are still wondering whether this is worth it, it is 100% worth it. I took some time in utilising this site over a period of 3 weeks before my Citizenship Test and passed it with flying colours. Honestly, you do not need any other site. Make sure you go through the work and you will be fine!

    1. Thank you Richard for the wonderful review! We are happy to hear that our program was so helpful in your test preparation!

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