What does Australian Citizenship mean to you?

Australian citizenship
It’s amazing how such a simple question, "what does Australian Citizenship mean to you?", can trigger such a huge response from people. It is a loaded question actually. People who have immigrated to Australia from different countries have a lot to say about Australian citizenship. There are many [...]

Australian citizenship test: tips for having a peace of mind the day of your test

Australian citizenship test
The day of your Australian citizenship test is fast approaching. Perhaps you are feeling nervous about the test even though you have read the entire study guide countless times. Still, you are not confident with your knowledge of the guide and you are doubting that you will pass the test. As a resul [...]

Australian Citizenship Test: Tips on Taking this Multiple-Choice Test

Australian citizenship test tips
Follow this strategy to help you pass the multiple-choice Australian citizenship test. ● Short, frequent study periods will exercise your long term memory, which is the most effective method for memorizing and understanding the required information. Cramming a lot of information into long s [...]

Australian citizenship test: what is the resource book “Australia citizenship: Our Common Bond” all about?

Australian citizenship test
The Australian citizenship test resource book Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond has been originally released in October 2007, when the Australian government introduced a citizenship test. A revised version of the resource book has since been released in October 2009, exactly two years after [...]

Australian citizenship test: why does Australia need one?

Australian citizenship test
Australian citizenship test The Australian federal government introduced an Australian citizenship test on October 2007. Since then, citizenship applicants have had to pass this test in order to become citizen. A new version of the test was introduced on October 2009, with some significant change [...]

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