Australian citizenship test can be taken outside capital cities

Australian citizenship test

Since August 2014, the department of immigration and human services have partnered to make it possible for people living in regional areas to take their Australian citizenship test at their local Centrelink or Medical Service Centres. People don’t have to travel anymore to the nearest capital city, or to wait for an immigration agent to come to their region.

These regional Australian citizenship test sites have expanded throughout the country.

Since October 2007, this test has been compulsory for people applying for Australian citizenship.

In 2014, about 125,000 people took their test, and about 14,000 took it in regional areas.
Before this partnership was implemented, immigration officials only conducted tests in regional areas once every month or once every two months.

Since last August, the tests are conducted once a week in regional centres. It has been much easier for applicants to take their test if they don’t live in capital cities.

Lots of migrants are awarded Australian citizenship across the country every year. People can also re-affirm their commitment and loyalty to Australia at a ceremony called the Australia citizenship affirmation ceremony, which has become more and more popular.

Another citizenship-related event is Australia Citizenship Day created in 2001 to develop awareness around the Australian citizenship.

Australian citizenship is not just a formal status, but represents common values and a sense of commitment to living together as a democracy. Australian citizenship is more than just rights and responsibilities, it symbolises a sense of belonging to this country.

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  1. The “best way to pass your test” it’s a massive help & insight to doing your test, worth buying for $29 & especially if there more than one of you practising it together, both my son & I passed ours with flying colours đŸ™‚
    Just awaiting the ceremony now let’s hope it’s soon

  2. Hi, question 2 “which of the following is correct?” of you practice questions is wrong. The correct answer according to the “Our common bond booklet” is “Australia’s Indigenous cultures are
    the oldest continuing cultures in the world.”

    Best we fix this, as not to mislead some new Aussies.

    1. Thank you Nathan. The questions is actually asking which statement is incorrect (not correct), so the right answer is “Australia’s indigenous people have lived in Australia and Tasmania for between 5 000 and 10 000 years”.

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