Australian Citizenship Test – Real tips from people who passed the test

Australian citizenship test

Preparing for the Australian Citizenship Test can seem very daunting to many people. If you are dreading the test, you are certainly not the only one. Many people experience anxiety before taking an exam. But the anxiety people feel about taking the citizenship test is a little higher than normal. After all, I can’t think of a more important test to pass.

As well, the test is in English which makes people feel more nervous if English is not their native language. So, to help you build confidence and assist you in your preparation, we have some great tips to share with you from people who have passed the Australian Citizenship Test.

Find an Australian citizenship test study method that you enjoy

“Hi, I passed the test! This program works great! I enjoy studying! I will recommend this program to my friends!”

It is a well researched fact that you will better understand and remember information that you enjoy studying. Just simply reading the resource book over and over again is very boring and quite ineffective for comprehension and memorization. We receive constant feedback from our customers that our Online Training Program is an enjoyable and efficient study method. People are able to efficiently learn and memorize the resource book information.

“Its very good. I got 100% and my wife 98%. We just practice for three days. Thank you very much. Very good website.”

Listen to the Australian citizenship test resource book

It is important to read through the resource book at least once, but it is also very helpful to listen to it as well. It is a great use of time to be able to listen to the resource book on your ipod or MP3 player. That way when you are in your car, on the bus or going for a walk you can listen to the resource book. Our Online Training Program makes it easy to listen to the resource book online or easily download it onto your iPod or mp3 player. As well, some people have a difficult time reading English, so they find the audio version of the handbook very useful.

“I’m not a good reader so the feature in which the handbook is read out to you really helps.”

“I downloaded the MP3 version of the handbook and could listen to it in my car, iPod and at home.”

Do Australian citizenship test practice tests

Practice tests will test your knowledge and understanding of the resource book information. They will help you gauge how ready you are to take the Australian Citizenship Test. Our Online Training Program provides practice tests in the form of ‘Chapter Tests’ and ‘Simulation Tests’.

The Chapter Test questions are asked in order of the information in the resource book and cover the entire resource book information. The Chapter tests are a perfect tool for learning and memorizing the material.

“It’s really a great experience to go through this programme.The best part I love is the Chapter tests as this provides all possible questions can be asked during the test.”

The Simulation Test questions are the same as the Chapter Test questions but are asked in random order, just like in the official test. As well, the Simulation Tests are presented in the exact same look and format as the official test. Simulation tests will familiarize you with the official test format and timing.

“It is a great tool to build confidence and readiness doing your training program and the simulated tests, the official test was very easy to complete.”

“Yes the format of simulated tests are the same as the official test and some of the questions; well at least the wording ad phraseology of the questions were very similar also. Again thank you, thank you and thank you from a very grateful nearly new Australian citizen.”

We hope these tips from our customers help you in your preparation for the Australian Citizenship Test. We believe that is you follow the advise, you will feel confident, relaxed and fully prepared to take the test.

Take a look at our Australian Citizenship Test – Complete Online Training Program.

We wish you the best of luck!

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  1. Really i passed the citizenship test after practicing it and it was very useful and i advice every one to use it and it took me 2:24 minutes only to submit my test with a 100%

  2. I just passed my citizenship test today 09/01/2014 and I got perfect score. A big thank you… You are a big help for me…. God bless and More power!!!

    1. Thank you for your review, and power to you for passing the citizenship test with perfect score!!

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