New Australian citizenship requirements: major changes make will make it more difficult to become an Australian

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23 Comments » for New Australian citizenship requirements: major changes make will make it more difficult to become an Australian
  1. Vijay says:


    My mother in law and father in law heat Australia but they are waiting to apply for citizenship. They don’t have to do a test because of age over 70 no test required.

    I think if they heat this country they shouldn’t be getting citizenship in this country.

    Happy to provide more information

  2. Allan says:

    If they break the law at any time while waiting for citizenship or within the first two years of citizenship they must be deported

  3. Olefa says:


    My parents are Australian citizens (all siblings Australians by birth) and I have permanent residency living in Australia since 1996. Do I still need to do the test once I applied for citizenship?

  4. cuong huynh says:

    if I failed the test 3 times but before 1 july 2018 then I can apply for the est again without waiting for another 2 years as the new rule apply

  5. King says:

    Hi,,, I already applied for our citizenship last January 2018. Ans still waiting for the test. My wife are eligible now for applying citizenship. Can I include my wife to my application or she will apply for new application? Thank you

  6. sheila edge says:

    i have been a permanent resident for over 20 years i am now 72 and want to become an australian citizen ,i have been told by people that i am too old ?is this true?

  7. Jodave says:

    I got my residency on June22 2018 do I wait for 1 year or 4 years before I apply for citizenship.

    Am also a kiwi citizen been in this country for 7 plus years

  8. Charlie says:

    I am in the same position, I got my residency in July 2018, but cannot tell if I need to wait 1 year or 4 years to apply for citizenship

  9. satriyantono hidayat says:

    I was born in Canberra at December 13, 1971, when my parents was working at the ANU, Canberra. Am I eligible to be an Australian citizen?

  10. Grace says:

    My husband is 67 year,,,he’s been in Australian for 20 years he has permanent resident….does he have to do the english test…in order to become a Australian citizenship.

  11. Sanya says:

    My citizenship file is opened and I am overseas staying from 3 months. Does it matter ??


    HI SIR

  13. Paul Gorgees says:

    What are the criteria for the New Zealanders to gain Australian Citizenship. I am talking about people who have been in Australia after 26/02/2001. I do have basic idea only; such as working for several years, studied a course, however but not exactly sure how all that work

  14. Micheal says:

    Take it easy brother, i’m a citizen here it is so hard here too

  15. Karen Goddard says:

    Hi I’ve been in Australia since I was 6 years old I’m 50 now do I have to do the tests thx

  16. Ursula says:

    What if i haven’t have stayed or travel to Australia but want to become a citizen

  17. My friends is over 60 years old, do she need English test? says:

    Citizenship test

  18. Rosalyn Goundar says:

    My in-laws are permanent resident and are not very educated do they require to do a citizenship test.

  19. Thi to Tan Nguyen says:

    I have been lived in Australia for about 6 years, then I went back to my country for 2 years, now I am moved to Australia .
    Can I apply for citizenship test?

  20. Jenny says:

    Hi there wondering if you have lived in the country longer than 10years through new sponsorship rules (2year & renew visa, theb other partner gets sponcered etc) can PR or citizenship be applied for/granted.

  21. Marcus says:

    They will be in effect soon, so regardless if you are a resident for 100years, you have to comply with English requirement.

    It’s plain common sense: do you imagine an Australian who can’t speak English properly?

    Then we should take too. No questions asked.

    A fair move by the government. Kudos!

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