Australian citizenship test: the government is planning to make this test much harder

Australian citizenship test passport

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is planning to change the Australian citizenship test in order to block permanent residents who are extremists or dependent on welfare from becoming Australian citizens.

The new, harder test will have questions asking whether the applicant has had a successful integration in Australia and if they have embraced Australian values. The new questions will ask applicants, for example, about their employment history in Australia, their ability to speak English, their children’s school attendance in Australia, and whether their spouse is taking English classes.

This is a major change from the current 20 multiple choice question test that asks applicants about Australia and its people, Australian’s traditions and symbols, Australian values and beliefs, Australian’s government and law.

Preliminary “high-level” meetings have been taking place in Parliament House in Canberra to discuss the implementation of this new, tougher test.

We recommend that our readers take their test as soon as possible, before the changes take place.

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Afghan refugees are suing government after passing the Australian citizenship test

Australian citizenship test flag

Two Afghan refugees, who have been given asylum in Australia, have filed a legal claim against the Australian government for the long delay in their Australian citizenship process after they passed their Australian citizenship test.

The two men belong to the Hazara ethnic minority, which is being persecuted in Afghanistan. They fled their country and reached Australia by boat in 2010. They were granted full asylum and permanent residency in Australia.

After meeting the 4 year residency obligation, they applied for Australian citizenship and passed the Australian citizenship test. After passing this test, the process of finalizing an application and proceeding with the citizenship ceremony normally takes 80 days, according to the government. However, in this case, the finalization of their citizenship has not happened yet and well over a year has passed since successful completion of their tests.

The citizenship ceremony is the last step in becoming an Australian citizen. At the ceremony immigrants and refugees take an Australian Citizenship Oath, pledging their loyalty to Australia and committing themselves to observing Australian laws and to fulfilling their duties as Australian citizens.

Australian citizenship would allow the two men to vote in elections and to get their family to legally join them.

The Refugee Council of Australia, who is helping them with their court case, thinks that the government is being unfair and maybe even discriminatory. When interviewing other refugees, it has found that similar delays have been experienced by others, mostly by people arriving by boat.

Australia has been criticised for their treatment of people reaching Australia by boat. Often, they are sent to camps overseas, particularly to camps in Papua New Guinea. Human rights groups are critical of the way people are treated in these camps.

The delay issues are seemingly experienced only by refugees arriving by boat and do not seem to be experienced by other migrants. Those coming from the UK, for example, are having their citizenship applications handled much faster.

The Refugee Council is asking for clarification regarding whether there has been an official change in practices regarding the citizenship application process for refugees coming to Australia by boat. If there was no change, then they say the government should rectify the situation and allow these two Afghans and all other refugees in the same situation, to get their citizenship in a fair and timely manner.

The Refugee Council hopes that this judicial action will push the government to support the rights of all people who are lawfully in Australia and are following all the rules to apply for Australian citizenship, including passing an Australian citizenship test.

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ISIS jihadists can now be stripped of their Australian citizenship

Australian citizenship passport

Senators voted on a new law allowing the Australian government to strip anyone suspected of terrorist-related conduct of their Australian citizenship.

This new law reflects Australia’s tough position on terrorism in response to the growing ISIS threat to the western world. Over the past year, several ISIS inspired attacks have taken place in Australia. The government wants to prevent suspected individuals from returning to Australia where they could commit terrorist acts.

This law will only be applicable to people with a dual citizenship, so as to not render them stateless if they were to be stripped of their citizenship.

Suspected individuals, 14 years or older, will have their citizenship revoked even if they have not been convicted. They don’t have to be formal members of a terrorist group to have their citizenship revoked; they only have to be suspected of terrorist-related offences.

The Australian government thinks that half of the estimated 110 Australians fighting in Syria and Iraq have dual citizenship.

ISIS is the first group to be listed in Australia’s list of organizations whose members’ citizenship can be revoked. This list can only include terrorist organizations that are internationally recognized.

It is expected that a high court might object to this new law which has been criticized by different groups. Some human right groups and constitutional lawyers state that this new law is not defined enough and could result in abuses such as revoking the Australian citizenship of dual nationals who are not actually conducting terrorist-related activities.

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Australian citizenship test can be taken outside capital cities

Australian citizenship test

Since August 2014, the department of immigration and human services have partnered to make it possible for people living in regional areas to take their Australian citizenship test at their local Centrelink or Medical Service Centres. People don’t have to travel anymore to the nearest capital city, or to wait for an immigration agent to come to their region.

These regional Australian citizenship test sites have expanded throughout the country.

Since October 2007, this test has been compulsory for people applying for Australian citizenship.

In 2014, about 125,000 people took their test, and about 14,000 took it in regional areas.
Before this partnership was implemented, immigration officials only conducted tests in regional areas once every month or once every two months.

Since last August, the tests are conducted once a week in regional centres. It has been much easier for applicants to take their test if they don’t live in capital cities.

Lots of migrants are awarded Australian citizenship across the country every year. People can also re-affirm their commitment and loyalty to Australia at a ceremony called the Australia citizenship affirmation ceremony, which has become more and more popular.

Another citizenship-related event is Australia Citizenship Day created in 2001 to develop awareness around the Australian citizenship.

Australian citizenship is not just a formal status, but represents common values and a sense of commitment to living together as a democracy. Australian citizenship is more than just rights and responsibilities, it symbolises a sense of belonging to this country.

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Australian Citizenship Test – Real tips from people who passed the test

Australian citizenship test

Preparing for the Australian Citizenship Test can seem very daunting to many people. If you are dreading the test, you are certainly not the only one. Many people experience anxiety before taking an exam. But the anxiety people feel about taking the citizenship test is a little higher than normal. After all, I can’t think of a more important test to pass.

As well, the test is in English which makes people feel more nervous if English is not their native language. So, to help you build confidence and assist you in your preparation, we have some great tips to share with you from people who have passed the Australian Citizenship Test.

Find an Australian citizenship test study method that you enjoy

“Hi, I passed the test! This program works great! I enjoy studying! I will recommend this program to my friends!”

It is a well researched fact that you will better understand and remember information that you enjoy studying. Just simply reading the resource book over and over again is very boring and quite ineffective for comprehension and memorization. We receive constant feedback from our customers that our Online Training Program is an enjoyable and efficient study method. People are able to efficiently learn and memorize the resource book information.

“Its very good. I got 100% and my wife 98%. We just practice for three days. Thank you very much. Very good website.”

Listen to the Australian citizenship test resource book

It is important to read through the resource book at least once, but it is also very helpful to listen to it as well. It is a great use of time to be able to listen to the resource book on your ipod or MP3 player. That way when you are in your car, on the bus or going for a walk you can listen to the resource book. Our Online Training Program makes it easy to listen to the resource book online or easily download it onto your iPod or mp3 player. As well, some people have a difficult time reading English, so they find the audio version of the handbook very useful.

“I’m not a good reader so the feature in which the handbook is read out to you really helps.”

“I downloaded the MP3 version of the handbook and could listen to it in my car, iPod and at home.”

Do Australian citizenship test practice tests

Practice tests will test your knowledge and understanding of the resource book information. They will help you gauge how ready you are to take the Australian Citizenship Test. Our Online Training Program provides practice tests in the form of ‘Chapter Tests’ and ‘Simulation Tests’.

The Chapter Test questions are asked in order of the information in the resource book and cover the entire resource book information. The Chapter tests are a perfect tool for learning and memorizing the material.

“It’s really a great experience to go through this programme.The best part I love is the Chapter tests as this provides all possible questions can be asked during the test.”

The Simulation Test questions are the same as the Chapter Test questions but are asked in random order, just like in the official test. As well, the Simulation Tests are presented in the exact same look and format as the official test. Simulation tests will familiarize you with the official test format and timing.

“It is a great tool to build confidence and readiness doing your training program and the simulated tests, the official test was very easy to complete.”

“Yes the format of simulated tests are the same as the official test and some of the questions; well at least the wording ad phraseology of the questions were very similar also. Again thank you, thank you and thank you from a very grateful nearly new Australian citizen.”

We hope these tips from our customers help you in your preparation for the Australian Citizenship Test. We believe that is you follow the advise, you will feel confident, relaxed and fully prepared to take the test.

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We wish you the best of luck!

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Australian Citizenship Test – Test your knowledge

Australian citizenship test

Have you taken the Australian citizenship test? If so, did you pass or fail the test? If you failed the test, then you are in the same boat as many people out there. You may be thinking to yourself, “How could I have possibly failed the test?” After all you probably studied very hard for many painstaking hours. You probably read the resource book Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond, over and over again. Surely, after reading the book countless times, you should have memorized all the information contained in the resource book. But, it’s the same story for many people. Just because you read the resource book over and over again until you were blue in the face, does not mean you retained much, if any of the information at all! Hard to believe, but it’s true! It’s a proven fact. In fact, the human mind does not retain information well just by simply reading the same material repeatedly. There are proven methods that help the mind remember information. “And what are those proven methods?” you may ask.

A very effective way to memorize information is to be tested on it with practice tests. Practice tests will test your knowledge and understanding of the study material, which will help you to know how much you have memorized. Make sure the practice tests cover the entire information that you are required to learn and memorize. You can find these kinds of tests online. Just look up “Australian citizenship practice test” in your browser and there should be different companies offering practice tests to help you study. Practice tests are great training to help you prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test. It is also helpful to find online practice tests that are formatted in the exact same way as the official test. The official test is computer-based and has 20 multiple-choice questions to be answered within 45 minutes. Being familiarized with the official test look and format will save you time, and help you feel more confident and relaxed when you go to take the actual test. If you feel relaxed on ‘test day’, you will most likely perform better.

Another benefit to studying with practice tests is that it is an active learning method. You are actively testing your knowledge. This makes learning fun an interesting. It has been proven that the more one enjoys what they are learning, the more one will remember what they have learned. On the other hand, reading a book over and over again is more a form of passive learning. Using this form of passive learning exclusively is often quite boring. It has also been proven that if one uses a boring study method, then one will often learn very little. It is important and most often essential to do a combination of passive learning and active learning to be most effective.

For example, if you are studying for the Citizenship test, it is important to read the resource book, Our Common Bond, from front to back at least once, and then the rest of your study time will be wisely spent doing practice tests that cover the entire content of the resource book, until you achieve 100% pass mark on all the tests. If you follow this method of preparing for your test, then we are confident you will achieve great results on your official test.

So, if you are preparing to make a repeated attempt at passing the Citizenship test or you are making your first attempt at the test, we recommend you try our Complete Online Training Program for the Australian Citizenship Test. Our training program is very effective at helping people prepare for their test.

See what our customers have to say!

We hope this information has been helpful to you and we wish you the best of luck on your test!

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What does Australian Citizenship mean to you?

Australian citizenship
It’s amazing how such a simple question, “what does Australian Citizenship mean to you?”, can trigger such a huge response from people. It is a loaded question actually. People who have immigrated to Australia from different countries have a lot to say about Australian citizenship. There are many reasons why people decided to move Australia and in the process become citizens. Australia has a lot to offer. It’s a country that attracts hundreds of thousands of immigrants year after year. And every year thousands of immigrants become new citizens to Australia. It is a big decision and a big deal to become a citizen. For many people it is just as important, if not even more important than getting married, buying a house or raising a family. As a matter of a fact, for most people citizenship is the foundation to build their life upon. So once one obtains citizenship then they can consider buying a house and/or building their own business if that is important to them. And that leads us to asking foreign-born citizens the question “What does Australian Citizenship mean to you?”.

Aishani, India:
Thank you for asking. Well, I just love being an Australian citizen. It was very important for me to become a citizen because I needed to feel secure and sure that I could settle here forever. I was a permanent resident for many years but it feels much different now that I am a citizen of this wonderful country. That feeling is like nothing else and can never be taken away from me. So having my Australian citizenship gives me peace of mind, confidence and security.

Sanjar, Iran:
I got my citizenship because it gives me all the same rights and freedoms as anyone else. I can vote in all elections. I can enter and leave Australia as many times as I want, as long as I want and whenever I want. I can buy a home here, build a family and live here for the rest of my life. I don’t have to worry about very much. This is a very developed and peaceful country. I can sleep in peace. I don’t have to worry too much about my family and their safety. The government here takes care of their citizens. We feel in good hands. There is nothing like it. Having my Australian citizenship is the best. It means I have freedoms and rights.

So that is just a couple of responses we gathered from people. We hope you enjoyed reading about what some people had to say about their Australian citizenship. It means so much…peace of mind, confidence, security, having freedoms and rights…

What does Australian Citizenship mean to you? We would love to know.

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Australian citizenship test: tips for having a peace of mind the day of your test

Australian citizenship test

The day of your Australian citizenship test is fast approaching. Perhaps you are feeling nervous about the test even though you have read the entire study guide countless times. Still, you are not confident with your knowledge of the guide and you are doubting that you will pass the test. As a result, you may be feeling nervous and stressed. You can put your mind at ease because there are effective ways to prepare for the test. With our proven preparation method, you will feel confident and calm and you will perform better on your actual test day. What a relief!

Prepare all of your required documents you will need to take with you the night before you take the test. Read the test notice over carefully and check off each item that you will need to present on the day of your test. Place these documents in a folder. Then on the day of your test, you can just take your folder and go. Being organized and prepared with your required documents will help you start your day off right. It will help promote a calm state of mind. It is very important to be as calm as possible on your test day.

Make sure that you don’t plan anything else on the day of your test. This will put your mind at ease, as you wont have to think of other things you have to do that day. For optimum performance, it is important that you have peace of mind.

We recommend that you do not study the night before your test. Think of your mind as a muscle. It needs rest after it’s been working hard. Studying gives your mind a good workout. The day before your test is the most important day to give your mind a rest and not study at all. It needs to build back up its energy reserves. You will also feel more calm and think more clearly on your test day as a result.

Study well in advance. Reading the study guide over and over again is a very boring and ineffective way to memorize and understand the content of the guide. We recommend that you study with our complete online training program. It is proven to be one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to prepare for the citizenship test. You will be able to memorize the resource book information one chapter at a time with our chapter tests. As well, you will be able to practice with our simulation tests, which are presented in the same look and format as the official test. You will become skilled at choosing the correct answer from a variety of similar responses just like in the official test.

And last but not least, make sure you avoid high sugar foods on the day before and on the actual day of your test. These types of food will spike your blood sugar levels and then crash which will make you feel tired and cause mental sluggishness. Instead eat high protein foods, as they will promote optimum mental performance. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your test. And avoid consuming too much caffeine, as it can give you the jitters and make you feel nervous. After all, being as calm as possible when you take the Australian Citizenship Test is the objective here…

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Australian Citizenship Test: Tips on Taking this Multiple-Choice Test

Australian citizenship test tips

Follow this strategy to help you pass the multiple-choice Australian citizenship test.

Make sure you have reviewed and memorized all the Australian citizenship test study guide information

● Short, frequent study periods will exercise your long term memory, which is the most effective method for memorizing and understanding the required information. Cramming a lot of information into long study sessions is not very efficient as there is a very limited amount of information that you can retain into your short term memory.

● Anticipate what questions may be asked on the test and then try comprising your own multiple-choice test questions. Or to save you the extra time and effort, search on the internet for Australian Citizenship Practice Tests. There are some very good ones available that will help you test your knowledge and understanding of the resource book material. These practice tests will also help you practice finding the correct answer from a variety of similar responses, just like in the official test. This will help you feel prepared and confident on your official test day.

Be prepared on your Australian citizenship test day

● Prepare your brain for optimum performance: get a good night sleep the day before your test, eat healthy well balance meals, avoid consuming caffeine, sugar, chocolate and alcohol, and get some exercise

● Avoid interacting with people that are nervous or unprepared for the test – remember that anxiety is highly contagious, and you should make sure you are as calm as possible which will help you think more clearly and feel more confident on your actual test day

Strategies to follow during the Australian Citizenship test

● Preview the whole test first before answering any of the questions

● Answer only the easy questions first. This will build up your confidence. You will also feel less pressure as you will have more time available to answer the more difficult questions. This strategy will also help you manage your time better as you only have 45 minutes to answer all the test questions. At the same time, make sure that you don’t rush through the easy questions either. There are 3 possible answers to every question. Each question can seem quite similar which can be confusing. Read through all the choices before selecting your answer. Pay attention to the subtle differences between the answers, and pick the answer you know is correct. Make sure the answer directly relates to the question.

● If you are still stressed after answering all the easy questions, take a one minute break to take a deep breath, and have a little stretch in your chair. Remind yourself that you have already answered most of the questions, assuming that you studied well before the test. So each difficult question that you answer correctly will be a bonus. You only need 75% to pass.

● Now it’s time to tackle the more difficult questions. Read all the answers first. Eliminate all the answers that you know are incorrect. If you are still unsure of the answer, then resort to your gut instinct. Remember what answer you first thought was the correct one? Then choose that answer, as your first instinct on an answer has the highest chance of being the correct one. If you never had that first instinct on a particular question, then take an educated guess that makes the most sense to you.

So, we hope you utilize this strategy to help you pass your Australian Citizenship Test. Good luck on your official test day!

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Australian citizenship test: what is the resource book “Australia citizenship: Our Common Bond” all about?

Australian citizenship test

Australian citizenship test

The Australian citizenship test resource book Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond has been originally released in October 2007, when the Australian government introduced a citizenship test. A revised version of the resource book has since been released in October 2009, exactly two years after the original.

The citizenship test questions are based on the content of this resource book. The resource book is divided into a testable section (the content that you will actually be tested on) and a non-testable section (for information only). The testable section (part 1, part 2, part 3) covers Australia and its people, Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties, the government and the law in Australia.

The testable section of the original version was more about general knowledge on Australia. This revised version emphasizes more on the rights, responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship. You won’t see anymore such question as who lit the Olympic flame in Sydney, but rather the meaning of a double majority in a referendum.
Australian values such as democracy, freedom, human rights, and the equality of men and women are also portrayed. Australia’s native roots are also clearly presented at the beginning of the resource book.

The non-testable section explains the cultural and political of Australia nowadays.

Basically, this revised edition is telling a more complete story of Australia, with a broader range of information. People have the chance to understand Australia at both a factual and conceptual level.

This resource book is the only material you will be tested on. It is free of charge, and can be ordered or downloaded from the DIAC website. You don’t need to purchase it. You can also listen to the content of this book, either using the YouTube video links provided on the DIAC website. You do not need to read any other book about Australia to prepare for your test.

The material presented in this resource book is one of the requirements to become an Australian citizen. The Australian government wants new citizens to have a good knowledge of Australia (symbols, native population, geography…), and a good knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizenship. They want you to have a complete picture of you new country of citizenship.

This revised Australian citizenship resource book seems to give an adequate knowledge of Australia and Australian citizenship, making the citizenship test a valid and useful requirement.

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