Australian citizenship test: the government is planning to make this test much harder

Australian citizenship test passport
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is planning to change the Australian citizenship test in order to block permanent residents who are extremists or dependent on welfare from becoming Australian citizens. The new, harder test will have questions asking whether the applicant has had a successful in [...]

Afghan refugees are suing government after passing the Australian citizenship test

Australian citizenship test flag
Two Afghan refugees, who have been given asylum in Australia, have filed a legal claim against the Australian government for the long delay in their Australian citizenship process after they passed their Australian citizenship test. The two men belong to the Hazara ethnic minority, which is being [...]

ISIS jihadists can now be stripped of their Australian citizenship

Australian citizenship passport
Senators voted on a new law allowing the Australian government to strip anyone suspected of terrorist-related conduct of their Australian citizenship. This new law reflects Australia’s tough position on terrorism in response to the growing ISIS threat to the western world. Over the past year, [...]

Australian citizenship test can be taken outside capital cities

Australian citizenship test
Since August 2014, the department of immigration and human services have partnered to make it possible for people living in regional areas to take their Australian citizenship test at their local Centrelink or Medical Service Centres. People don't have to travel anymore to the nearest capital city, [...]

Australian Citizenship Test – Real tips from people who passed the test

Australian citizenship test
Preparing for the Australian Citizenship Test can seem very daunting to many people. If you are dreading the test, you are certainly not the only one. Many people experience anxiety before taking an exam. But the anxiety people feel about taking the citizenship test is a little higher than normal. A [...]

Australian Citizenship Test – Test your knowledge

Australian citizenship test
Have you taken the Australian citizenship test? If so, did you pass or fail the test? If you failed the test, then you are in the same boat as many people out there. You may be thinking to yourself, “How could I have possibly failed the test?” After all you probably studied very hard for many pa [...]

What does Australian Citizenship mean to you?

Australian citizenship
It’s amazing how such a simple question, "what does Australian Citizenship mean to you?", can trigger such a huge response from people. It is a loaded question actually. People who have immigrated to Australia from different countries have a lot to say about Australian citizenship. There are many [...]

Australian citizenship test: tips for having a peace of mind the day of your test

Australian citizenship test
The day of your Australian citizenship test is fast approaching. Perhaps you are feeling nervous about the test even though you have read the entire study guide countless times. Still, you are not confident with your knowledge of the guide and you are doubting that you will pass the test. As a resul [...]

Australian Citizenship Test: Tips on Taking this Multiple-Choice Test

Australian citizenship test tips
Follow this strategy to help you pass the multiple-choice Australian citizenship test. ● Short, frequent study periods will exercise your long term memory, which is the most effective method for memorizing and understanding the required information. Cramming a lot of information into long s [...]

Australian citizenship test: what is the resource book “Australia citizenship: Our Common Bond” all about?

Australian citizenship test
The Australian citizenship test resource book Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond has been originally released in October 2007, when the Australian government introduced a citizenship test. A revised version of the resource book has since been released in October 2009, exactly two years after [...]

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